There is so much that is good about St. Johnsbury, and so many opportunities to make our community even stronger with effective leadership! Today, I humbly announce that I am seeking reelection for State Representative. I look forward to the campaign, and continuing to meet the people that make St. Johnsbury such a special place!


Vermont's state spending and taxation has grown far beyond the means of most Vermonters. Many in our community have seen their discretionary income reduced significantly or eliminated entirely. Some struggle with meeting basic needs.

St. Johnsbury and the Northeast Kingdom have been particularly disadvantaged due to Montpelier's polices. We are subject to a system of taxation that geographically punishes St. Johnsbury and other communities on the Connecticut River Valley. The compounding effect of sales tax over many decades has discouraged investment in this area.

Statewide education spending is completely out of control. Towns like St. Johnsbury that are making serious attempts to hold down education spending while experiencing a growth in school-age children are punished to pay higher taxes for towns that spend time and a half and more what we spend per pupil for a declining school population.

The answers to these issues and many others are complex. St. Johnsbury deserves a representative that knows St. Johnsbury and has an understanding of the complexities of a representative democracy, global economics, and most importantly, can work with both sides of the aisle and both sides of the state to craft legislation and policy that is beneficial for St. Johnsbury.

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