Vermont is in a housing crisis. Our current housing stock is old, inefficient, and does not reflect what Vermont's growing population requires. The single largest problem Vermont faces is the cost of market rate housing relative to the cost to construct or rehabilitate. Up to 30% of this cost is a result of unnecessary regulation, much of which should be eliminated.

Fiscal Policy:
For this third biennium, the Vermont Legislature did not increase tax revenue, instead operating within existing revenues. Gov. Phil Scott and a scrappy group of legislators that fully understand how the affordability crisis is impacting Vermont pocketbooks and economic growth deserve a tremendous amount of credit.

Tax Relief:
I was the reporter of H.737, a bill that fully funds Vermont's FY23 Pk-12 education system and notably reduced education property taxes by $35M. I was an author of H.510, reducing taxes by almost $40M in FY23, creating a child tax credit for children 5 and under, and retirement income exemption for military and civil service retirees. H.510 also increases support for the Child and Dependent Care Credit, Student Loan Interest Deduction, Social Security Exemption, Manufactured Home Tax Credit, Aide to Aged, and the Blind, and Disabled Program.

Local Control:
Vermont municipalities deserve to be able to run themselves with minimal interference from Montpelier. School Choice and Independent Schools should be protected and expanded if districts choose to tuition their children.

Carbon Tax/Environment:
Scott does not support the Clean Heat Standard, ESSEX plan, Global Warming Solutions Act, Transportation Climate Initiative, or any other regressive carbon tax policies that will hurt middle income and low-income Vermonters. Vermont needs to continue to make progress on efficiency, sharing, and alternative energy. Vermont is the Greenest State in the nation WITHOUT a Carbon Tax. Instead, Vermont should continue to incentivize the adoption of alternative energies and efficiency that improves the environment and economic health of the state.

Health Care:
I support efforts by One Care Vermont to shift health care to a model where healthcare professionals are paid to keep people healthy and not for how many procedures and/or tests they order. One Care Vermont, increased market competition including the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, negotiated pharmaceutical pricing, and well-crafted regulation are Vermont's best chance to control unsustainable health care increases.
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