St. Johnsbury and the rest of the Connecticut River Valley towns and counties have been economically punished by Vermont sales tax since 1969. Scott leads the River Caucus in Montpelier, a bi-partisan group of legislators focused on addressing issues that are important to the eastern side of Vermont. Scott proposes that the sales tax be repealed and replaced with natural growth in revenue from a sales tax free Vermont, new revenue streams that do not impact Vermonters, and slowing the growth of State spending.

State Spending:
The dramatic growth in state spending is unsustainable and has been for quite some time, period. The budget passed in the most recent legislative session far surpasses the ability of many Vermonters to pay. The legislature needs to have an adult conversation about spending our money wisely.

Education Spending:
Vermonters spend far too much on education. St. Johnsbury is a responsible district, but we are being punished by other districts that will not control their spending. I have proposed H.846, and a report is due from Joint Fiscal Nov. 15. If enacted St. Johnsbury's homestead tax rate to would fall to $1.00 in FY20 with income payers only paying 2%.

Local Control:
Vermont towns deserve to be able to run themselves with minimal interference from Montpelier. School Choice and Independent Schools should be protected and expanded if districts choose tuitioning.

Carbon Tax/Environment:
Vermonters cannot afford another dollar per gallon on their energy bills. I am completely opposed to a Carbon Tax. We need to continue to make progress on efficiency, sharing, and alternative energy. Vermont is the Greenest State in the nation WITHOUT a Carbon Tax. It is our duty as Vermonters to keep our environment clean. We also must be mindful that we do not live in a vacuum, and unnecessary regulation and taxation will make our energy use inefficient, overly expensive, and ultimately do damage to our economy.

Health Care:
Vermont Health Connect continues to be a tremendous disappointment and needs to be terminated. Vermont needs to move to the federal exchange or explore regional options. We just aren't big enough to do this on our own.
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